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Welcome to Raising Adults, the groundbreaking podcast that STARTS with the END in mind!

Together we can stop raising kids and start raising adults!

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Cringeworthy Parenting Moments

Jan 25, 2021

Deana and Kira chat about the parenting moments that make us cringe! Together they unpack the gray area around when we feel our kids are a reflection of us and our parenting, why we feel that way and when we might need to let that go.

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Spin Cycle - Our Opinion...On Opinions

Jan 21, 2021

Kira and Deana will be welcoming more guests than usual to the show over the next few months. While Raising Adults guests always bring incredible knowledge and expertise, Deana and Kira want to encourage listeners to be sure to feel empowered to make the choices that work for their family.

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Becoming a Fantastic Father with Brandon Larson of Fantastic Dads

Jan 18, 2021

Kira and Deana chat with Brandon Larson from who shares with listeners how he used his background working with elite athletes to help men become better fathers. He also shares the Move, Think, Feel model and two quick and easy takeaways that Fantastic Dads offers, giving men the resources they...

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Spin Cycle - If You Wouldn't Say It To Their Face...

Jan 14, 2021

Kira and Deana chat briefly about how important it is to help our kids learn to behave online as they would in person when it comes to social media, texting and more. With the US inauguration next week and tensions running high, it has never been more important to remember that little eyes are always watching.

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Raising Responsible Adults

Jan 11, 2021

Deana and Kira share ways to foster responsibility in our children so that they grow into responsible adults. Also, they share exciting news that their new course “Parenting on the Same Page” is now available online!

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