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Welcome to Raising Adults, the groundbreaking podcast that STARTS with the END in mind!

Together we can stop raising kids and start raising adults!

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Embrace Your Flawsome

May 31, 2021

Today on Raising Adults, Deana and Kira talk about embracing your flawsome as parents. Do you sometimes struggle with comparison or look at other parents and feel like they do it all, have it all, and manage to offer their children everything? If this is you, then don't miss this episode! 

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Future Focused Foster/Adoptive Parenting with Amy Carney of Parent on Purpose

May 24, 2021

In today’s episode, Deana and Kira have the opportunity to chat with Amy Carney about Future Focused foster/adoptive parenting. She is the author of Parent on Purpose-A Courageous Approach to Raising Children in a Complicated World and 100 Questions for Mom- a Journal for Reflection and Connection. She is a public...

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Teaching Kids To Spot Unsafe Relationships

May 17, 2021

In today's episode, Kira and Deana talk about teaching kids to spot unsafe relationships. Learn what signs to look for if you suspect they are in an unsafe relationship and some resources that you and your children can use. Unsurprisingly, Deana has come up with a helpful acronym to help families remember what to look...

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Kids and Peer Pressure

May 10, 2021

Curious to know Kira's and Deana's whys for peer pressure? Wondering what the three pillars of the Future Focused Parenting philosophy are and how you can apply them? Be sure to listen as Kira and Deana dive into these questions and so much more. 

"You have to be willing to say, actually, my value system is stronger...

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Mealtime Transformation with Laura Hernandez of Mama Systems

May 3, 2021

Laura Hernandez and her husband, Tony, live in the Dallas area, raising seven biological and three adopted children. That's right; they have ten amazing children - She's our hero! Laura created Mama Systems to help others bring peace to their homes through customized systems. She offers coaching and courses that...

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