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May 31, 2021

Today on Raising Adults, Deana and Kira talk about embracing your flawsome as parents. Do you sometimes struggle with comparison or look at other parents and feel like they do it all, have it all, and manage to offer their children everything? If this is you, then don't miss this episode! 
"It’s about doing the best you're capable of and saying, that’s ok." - Kira Dorrian
We open up and chat about: 
  • Deana and Kira's why for embracing their flawsome (7:24)
  • How a growth mindset might lead us to thinking we should try to be amazing at everything (12:14)
  • It’s important to avoid putting a square peg into a round hole (16:41)
  • How outsourcing can alleviate overwhelm (17:40)
  • What, exactly, is Flawsome?” (31:18)
Don't miss this episode as we reveal what we suck at and how we each embrace our flawsome! 
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