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May 24, 2021

In today’s episode, Deana and Kira have the opportunity to chat with Amy Carney about Future Focused foster/adoptive parenting. She is the author of Parent on Purpose-A Courageous Approach to Raising Children in a Complicated World and 100 Questions for Mom- a Journal for Reflection and Connection. She is a public speaker, content creator, and product maker helping parents raise their children with more joy and purpose. She lives with her husband and five children in Arizona. They are currently fostering their 6th to adopt him this summer. 

"It's not just our home. It's a community of people pouring into our children and teaching them." - Amy Carney.

Amy Shares:

  • Her why in this area of her parenting (4:10)
  • Her parenting philosophy before fostering to adopt (7:47)
  • Finding balance from a mental health perspective and how to help biological kids understand (13:19)
  • Responsibilities of a foster parent from a mental health perspective. How to care for a person who's been through trauma and helping the kids already in the home (17:14)
  • How to access resources in the community as an essential piece of the foster/adoptive process (19:35)
  • Approaching biological kids in a way that doesn't cause resentment towards foster children (21:24)
  • An important takeaway for anyone considering fostering or adopting (23:25)
  • All about the experience that inspired Amy's book: Parent on Purpose (25:30)

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