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May 10, 2021

Curious to know Kira's and Deana's whys for peer pressure? Wondering what the three pillars of the Future Focused Parenting philosophy are and how you can apply them? Be sure to listen as Kira and Deana dive into these questions and so much more. 

"You have to be willing to say, actually, my value system is stronger than my fear." - Kira Dorrian

"That's so great because something has to win, right? So this is about laying the foundation so the value system wins. And the fear doesn't." - Deana Thayer

"Don't downgrade your dreams to upgrade your relationships." - Matshona Dhliwayo

Join us to learn about: 

  • Deana's why for peer pressure (7:30)
  • Kira's why for peer pressure (8:37)
  • How does Deana apply values that are Future Focused? (10:50)
  • Are environments a factor with peer pressure? (13:36)
  • Should you teach your kids to trust their gut? (13:36)
  • Is it essential that kids explore outside the boundaries their parents have set for them? (24:01)
  • The first pillar of the Future Focused Parenting philosophy (26:25)
  • Second pillar (27:04)
  • Final pillar (27:50)
  • What do you do when your kid does give in to peer pressure? (28:36)

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